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Ingólfur Arnarsson – Untitled ( light ) 2014

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Ragnar Kjartansson – Bjarni Bömmer listens to Take it Easy by the Eagles.

Ragnar Kjartansson draws on the entire arc of art in his performative practice. The history of film, music, theatre, visual culture and literature find their way into his video installations, …

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Kristján Guðmundsson – Exhibition Seconds

This work consists of a computer software showing the exact duration of the exhibition on a screen from the time it is opened on 4th of September at 20.00 until …

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Vikingur Heiðar and The Midsummer Music The Shed reflects the life of a musician, that rehearses for weeks in all sorts of conditions and practices on pianos of various sort. Víkingur Heiðar  practicing in The Shed for …

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Menningarhúsið Skúrinn 2013-14

2013 – 2014


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Sara Björnsdóttir – Nono Lisa

This is a speculation and a feeling of an artist about the existence of artists like herself and the culture within Icelandic society. A small society that often seems unconscious …

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The Story

  The Shed is both a multipurpose cultural center and an artwork in and of itself. Established in 2012, it has since housed exhibitions by some of Iceland’s finest contemporary …

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Sólveig Aðalsteinsdóttir – Randir The Shed is located by the sea, at the start of a footpath that weaves its way along the outline of the peninsula. Just to the south along the …

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What is it about?

What at first glance might appear worthless might also inspire us, even become a part of our history and culture. In a rusty old work shed an endless world of …

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