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The Story


The Shed is both a multipurpose cultural center and an artwork in and of itself. Established in 2012, it has since housed exhibitions by some of Iceland’s finest contemporary visual artists as well as events and performances.

I came into possession of the Shed when I held a solo exhibition at the community center of Neskirkja Church in the fall of 2011. I found it in the storage area of ÍAV contractors in Keflavík and was allowed to have it if I emptied the trash out of it and brought it back to Reykjavík myself. After the exhibition at Neskirkja closed, I moved the Shed to my home at Grenimelur 7. There it was formally consecrated as a multipurpose cultural center on the First Day of Summer 2012 with an installation of my own in honor of the arrival of summer. The first exhibition was then a show by Guðjón Ketilsson in October 2012. Though the Shed is first and foremost a visual art project, it also accommodates other types of cultural events.

Finnur Arnar, Artistic Director of the Shed

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